Pocket Size Yorkshire Terriers by Damandi Yorkies

Damandi Yorkies are located in Schweizer Reneke, North West Province, South Africa. I am Amanda Pretorius a certified yorkie dog breeder dedicated to breeding gorgeous, healthy and lovable CANINE and KUSA Registered Yorkshire Terriers. All of my Yorkshire Terriers and their puppies live in my home and are socialized and loved all day every day. They are a special part of the family and are all very spoiled.

My pocket size yorkie puppies are free to go as they want in the house and office and have access to the backyard daytime. At night time, my yorkie dogs have their own sleeping area. There is no cage in my house. My yorkshire terrier puppies are keep in their playpen in my office, then they graduate into the dog bedroom where they enjoy more freedom and will learn some good behavior from the rest of the pack.

Damandi Yorkies Yorshire Terrier Stud Damandi's Tamaryn

I offer quality Yorkies Yorkshire Terrier puppies for companionship to loving, responsible homes only! It is my wish that my puppies will continue to receive the same kind of love and care they have received in my home. I reserve the right to refuse to sell one of my puppies to anyone. I do not sell any of my babies to someone who will put them in a kennel. For the wellbeing of my females yorkies and because I believed in quality before quantity, Damandi's Yorkshire Terriers produce only 2 or 3 litters a year. If you are interested in one of my babies or in being placed on the list for a future puppy, please, fill up the APPLICATION.

All our puppies are registerd at Kusa & CANINE and will receive their inoculation and deworming at 6 weeks of age.

Feel welcome to contact Amanda at Damandi Yorkies at any stage with questions or comments about Damandi yorkies.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Profile:

Yorkshire Terriers can be traced back to the Waterside Terrier and developed as a result of breeding with various other terriers throughout England. Yorkshire Terriers require bi-weekly to daily brushing to keep the coat free from tangles. In addition, occasional bathing and trimming is needed. They are a good choice for smaller homes and apartments. Yorkies are one of the most popular breeds in the South Africa.

About Yorkies also known as Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly called "Yorkies" are courageous, devoted little dogs that bond closely with their owner. They do best with older children. They will alert their owner with a protective bark on the approach of a stranger to the home. Yorkies are well suited to apartment living due to their small size, but they are active dogs that still need regular exercise.

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We are CANINE and KUSA registered


Damandi yorkies caninesa registered 2013CanineSA Registration Authority for Thoroughbred Yorkie Dogs


Damandi yorkies Kusa registered 2013Damandi Yorkies are registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa